Professor Wang Yi's homepage at Dept. of IT, Uppsala University, Sweden

Professor Zonghua Gu's homepage at CSE, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Professor Xiaobo Sharon Hu's homepage at Dept. of CSE, University of Notre Dame, USA

Professor Xiaochun Yang's homepage at DBIA Laboratory, Northeastern University, China

Professor Jingbo Zhu's homepage at Natural Language Processing Lab, Northeastern University, China

Here is two lists of conferences (list 1,list 2) ,each of which has a corresponding ranking. We declare that we are not intended to give a legitimate ranking of the listed conferences, and the ranking is merely used as an internal guide to future paper submissions of RTES laboratory. The conferences fall into the real-time systems community, the design automation community and the system/program analysis community.

ASPDAC, submission due normally scheduled in July.

RTSS, submission due normally scheduled in May.

RTAS, submission due normally scheduled in Oct.

DAC, submission due normally scheduled in Nov~Dec.

ESWEEK, submission due normally scheduled in Apr.

CAV, submission due normally scheduled in Jan.

DATE, submission due normally scheduled in Sep.

UPPAAL: An integrated tool environment for modeling, validation and verification of real-time systems.

SPIN: A popular open-source explicit state model checker.

NuSMV: A popular symbolic model checker.

lp_solve: An open-source Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) tool.

SESC: A Superscalar processor simulator.

Chronos: An open-source static WCET analysis tool.

MikTeX: A tool typesetting perfect documents.

WinEdt: A powerful editor for creation of LaTeX documents, used with MikTeX.

McAiT: A Timing Analyzer for Multicore Real-Time Software.

Wikipedia: She can tell you anything you want!

Simpsons Movie: Watch the movies, then you will come up with LOVELY papers!

The Shawshank Redemption: "Some birds aren't meant to be caged. Their feathers are just too bright..."

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