Project in Progress

The Analysis, Modeling and Algorithm Research of Mixed Real-time Transmission Scheduling Problem for Industrial Heterogeneous Networks Based on TSN

Period:2021 - 2024
We will focus on following directions:
Mixed critical real-time scheduling mechanism based on TSN;
End-to-end delay analysis of real-time flow based on real-time calculus and the transmission scheduling algorithm with uncertain criticality.
Funding Source:The National Natural Science Foundation of China.


Research on Cloud-Side Collaborative Real-Time Transmission Scheduling Technology for Large-Scale Heterogeneous Industrial Internet

Period:2020 - 2022
This project will focus the research on:
Cloud-side collaborative modeling technology for large-scale heterogeneous industrial internet;
Real-time reliable network scheduling technology of industrial wireless network based on cloud-edge collaboration;
Convergent scheduling strategy of mixed service flows in large-scale industrial heterogeneous networks based on mixed criticality.
Funding Source:Xingliao Talent Project.


Research on Mixed Traffic Flow Scheduling of Control/Interaction/Perception Service Flow in Large Industrial Heterogeneous Networks

Period:2019 - 2022
We will mainly study the following issues:
Dynamic propagation characteristics of mixed business flow on industrial heterogeneous converged network;
Cognitive radio anti-jamming transmission adapted to the complex electromagnetic environment of industrial sites;
Deterministic transmission scheduling strategy for control/interaction/perception traffic flow.
Funding Source:National Key Research and Development Program.


Past Projects

Real-time System Modeling and Energy Management for Safety-Critical Technology Research on CPS.

Period:2016 - 2017
This project investigated flexible and expressive task execution models for safety-critical cyber-physical systems with hard real-time requirements. We designed three work packages as follows to work collaboratively:
Mode-Change Aware CPS execution models;
Self-Suspension Aware CPS execution models;
Reliable CPS Applications under Dark Silicon.
Funding Source:The National Natural Science Foundation of China .


Design and Analysis Research on Virtualization-based Multi-core Real-Time Systems.

Period:2015 - 2018
We studied design and analysis techniques for :
Hierarchical scheduling on multi-core systems;
Multi-core shared resource management on virtualization platforms
Real-time interrupt management on virtualization platforms;
Multi-core shared resource management on virtualization platforms.
Funding Source:The National Natural Science Foundation of China.


Research on Key Technologies of Multi-Core Embedded Systems for Intelligent Industrial Production .

Period:2015 - 2017
This project focused on:
The key techniques of scheduling and OS on virtualization-based multi-core real-Time systems
The techniques of analysing WCET based on sensitive shared resource;
Funding Source:China 973 pre-program.


A Cyber Physical System for Crude Oil Production System

Period:2013 - 2015
We design and install smart sensors(temperature, vibration, pressure, corrosion) on the pipeline, pumpjacks and other equipments, together with the intelligent control system and wireless communication system, we built an Oil production and transport CPS with following functions:
Locating, drilling preparation, drilling and testing for Oil;
Pipeline transporting, extracting, refining process fractional, and distillation chemical processing of Oil.
Funding Source:


Monitoring and Control System for Underground Tunneling Based on Cyber Physical Systems.

Period:2011- 2015
We mainly studied the following issues:
All kinds of smart sensors/devices to be installed in the structure, equipments, vehicles, or attached to the workers (O2,CO2,CO, NO, NO2, Other poison Gas, Microstress, Microvibration, temperature, Moisture, pressure, Etc…);
Sensor arrangement and optimization based on information entropy;
Sensor arrangement and optimization for metro construction safety monitoring, to achieve the maximum amount of security information with minimum redundant cost(e.g. number of nodes and communication cost),and to maximize the overall lifespan of nodes
Funding Source:The National Natural Science Foundation of China.


Digital Equipment Embedded Systems Development platform and Application based on Reconfigurable computing

Period:2010 - 2013
We developed a hybrid operating system to support dynamically reconfigurable hardware tasks, which can provide high-level developers with unified API. Research themes include:
Building a development platform for reconfigurable computing, supporting simulation and analysis of task scheduling, to evaluate the schedulability and performance of the systems.
Application techniques for reconfigurable computing, multi-channel data sampling systems, and error diagnostic systems for real-time embedded applications.
Contact person:Qingxu Deng
Funding Source:Liaoning Provincial Department of Education Innovation Team Project


Research on the Design and Analysis of Real-Time Scheduling Policies in Multicore Systems.

Period:2010 - 2012
We hope to achieve the ultimate goal of “guaranteeing the predictability of multicore real-time systems while minimizing the loss of average system performance” in the following directions:
Cache-sensitive real-time scheduling policies;
Shared communication resource sensitive real-time scheduling policies;
Worst-Case Execution Time analysis techniques for multicores with shared caches;
Developing a prototype for multicore real-time scheduling and related timing analysis tools.
Contact person:Qingxu Deng
Funding Source:The National Natural Science Foundation of China.


A High Performance Virtual Platform for the Design Space Exploration and Software Development of MPSoC systems

Period:2010 - 2012
This project focused the research on:
The virtual platform architecture for MPSoC supporting multiple abstraction levels;
Software system abstraction techniques and simulation optimization techniques;
Heterogeneous parallel simulation techniques;
Developing a demonstrative virtual platform based on Intel Atom processor.
Contact person:Qingxu Deng
Funding Source:Central university basic research operating expenses special fund of China Ministry of Education.


An embedded system development platform for digital equipment based on reconfigurable computing

Period:2007 - 2010
We mainly studied the following issues:
Real-time scheduling and locating algorithms of hardware tasks on Partially Runtime Reconfigurable (PRTR) FPGAs
Unified programming interfaces for hybrid systems consisting CPU and PRTR FPGA fabrics
Formal methods for design and analysis of reconfigurable computing systems based on PRTR FPGAs
Contact person:Qingxu Deng
Funding Source:National High Technology Research and Development Program of China


Embedded Software Development Platform for State-Monitoring and Error-Detection Devices for Large Scale Electro-mechnical Machine

Period:2005 - 2007
We provided necessary software infrastructures including:
A real-time operating system/embedded database, a GUI component library, a signal processing component library
Contact person:Qingxu Deng
Funding Source:National High Technology Research and Development Program of China


A State-Monitoring and Error-Detection Handheld Device for Large Scale Rotating Machines

Period:2005 - 2007
We developed a state-monitoring and error-detection handheld device, with following features:
Dual-processor hardware platform, ARM for control-centric tasks and DSP for computation-centric tasks.
The operating system running on ARM is uC/OS, and uC/GUI is used to build up the user interface.
Contact person:Qingxu Deng
Funding Source:National High Technology Research and Development Program of China


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